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Food Pantry

Every Thursday morning (except holidays), The Cupboard Pantry is open from 8:30 – 11:30 am. In addition, we are open the first Wednesday of every month from 5-7 pm for those who work during the day.  Upon arrival, clients are given a number. Service is “first come, first serve,” but there is always plenty of food.

Help Desk

On Thursday mornings, the Help Desk connects clients with various services & resources available elsewhere in the community such as the Clothes Closet, medical help, social services, the SNAP program, and libraries where free computer use is available.

Food Donations

Donations are received on Tuesdays from 9:00AM-12:00PM and Wednesdays from 9:00AM-12:00PM. Please call ahead.

Warehouse Coordinator: 207-318-3364

Service to Home Bound Seniors

Once each month, we deliver to qualifying low-income seniors who are home-bound due to physical limitations (in South Portland only). Just like our in person clients, seniors select (in advance) from a set menu which includes non-perishables, frozen meat, fruits & vegetables, and milk.

Snack Packs

Snack Packs provide an assortment of pre-packaged, snack sized foods such as applesauce, granola bars, crackers to families with children 12 & under.

Client Profiles

Stanley worked hard and lived modestly all his life. At the age of 61 he was diagnosed with leukemia. His independence and his dreams seemed farther away.  Although his income makes him ineligible to come to the Cupboard, his current medications put him well below the poverty line.

Carla is underemployed and will be having knee surgery next month which will prevent her from working at all during her six-week recovery period. Her 2 daughters will be returning to school and Carla struggles to provide them with the basics.  She chooses foods to help keep her girls healthy.

Josef’s three children and partially disabled wife escaped their war-torn country and live in constant fear. They arrived in Maine and were granted legal “Asylum” status. Josef’s status remains unknown.  They strive for a better life. We do our best to provide them with food to lessen their fear of hunger.

Leon’s blended family with three children live in a small basement apartment of a relative for the time being.  After surviving two deployments to Iraq, Leon’s marriage fell apart.  He is still receiving treatment for PTSD.  He receives a military benefit but is still unable to work.

Rachael is 28 years old and has been coming for 10 years. Her boyfriend works full-time and she works as a housekeeper, but the hours were sporadic. They also have toddler with disabilities.  There is little, if any family support.  They finally have subsidized housing.  They can barely pay their rent but the food we share helps them make it through each month.

Marjorie, a spry 82-year old, lives with her son and two teen-age grandsons who moved in after her daughter-in-law died after a long battle with cancer. Her Social Security check and her son’s wages are the only income for the home.  With our help, Marjorie is doing her best to provide them with a home, love, and enough food.

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